About SASH

AVMKSAASS and SAFE! have come together to provide a specialist service tailored to the needs of Children and Young People living in Milton Keynes.

Our aim is to support Children, and Young People aged 5 + by delivering a responsive, individually tailored specialist support service in Milton Keynes to those who have been affected by rape, sexual assault, and abuse.

Both organisations are passionate about the work they do and believe that children and young people deserve access to specialist support during vulnerable or troubled phases of their lives. Early intervention is crucial for healthy emotional development, giving the chance for the developing brain to fire synaptic networks into life and learn to regulate stress responses.

For further information please call our helpline 07546 561186 or to make a referral please follow the link below.

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About the partnership

SASH MK is a partnership between the registered charities AVMK Sexual Assault and Abuse Service (1175021) ‘SAFE! Support for Young People Affected by Crime’ (1143532) funded by the NHS and Milton Keynes Council.